"The Bar & Restaurant is almost a designer concept"

Once done with the health bit, to chill in the evening "all roads lead to the Bar" until unless one participates in something like Billiards or Cards. Bareilly Club Bar is not a small obscure destination rather it has been built with a careful thought for a spacious and comfortable.


"The Bar & Restaurant is almost a designer concept"

And after the "appetite building" one has to move on to the air-conditioned restaurant for the meals. Most of the times its better to place the order for dinner while at the Bar or in the Lounge. For however spacious the place is, everyone's in a rush once done with the evening "partying".

Card Room

"Fully Air condition"

The opening hour of the Card room shall be notified by the secretary. Members wishing to use the Card room before opening hour will give prior notice to the Secretary and obtain necessary permission. Additional charges as decided from time to time and duly notified by the Secretary for use of Card room before opening hour will be payable by such member.

No cards shall be played after closing hours of the Club.

Rummy : Rummy will be played in accordance with the rules as framed and notified. During the time, the rummy room is open, not more than one table may be reserved for a period not exceeding three hours at a time. Reservation will be made on “first come first served basis”. If no reservation is made before the time of opening of the Card room, the table will be available for use by other members.

Bridge : During the time, the Bridge room is open, not more than one table may be reserved in the Bridge room for members who wish to play in pre-arranged four. Reservation shall lapse if a table is not taken within half an hour of the time of reservation. Tables will not be reserved for more than 3 hours at a time. Reservation will be made on “first come first served” basis. If no reservation has been made before the time of opening of the Card room, the table will be available for use by other members.


The air conditioned Billiards Room has a classy traditional charm with two sturdy polished tables, mellow lighting along with rich mahogany side benches for the expectant players and ever supportive spectators. The well trained professional markers and time keepers ensure smooth conduct of the game.

So, take a break from your regular evenings and select your timings to play.

When all available tables are occupied, members desiring to play shall record their names on the slate provided and must be present at the completion of the previous game or forfeit their standing.
A table may not be reserved for more than 30 minutes.
Dependents of members below the age of 18 years shall not be permitted to enter the Billiard Room at any time.
Fives and similar games likely to damage the tables and accessories are prohibited.

If the tables get damaged by a member, his dependent or his guest, the member will be held responsible and will be charged for the damage by the Committee. If in the opinion of the Committee the damage was willful, unto six times the value of repairs/replacement may be charged.

Every game played shall be signed for by at least one member or dependent of a member.

Dependents of a member shall on completion of the game in progress, vacate the table on arrival of a member desiring to play billiard.

Guests of a member shall on completion of the game in progress, vacate the table on arrival of a member desiring to play billiards.

Waiting members shall get preference over the waiting guests/dependents.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Billiard room.

Family Lounge

"Obviously what better place to be with the family than the Family Lounge."

The stone cladding matches so well with the wooden furniture and paneling on the walls. But the primary focus is on spaciousness, comfort and grandiose and the large comfortable sofas and ample walking space everywhere, invisible split air conditioners, so clearly give that feel.

Dance Hall

Room Images
Bareilly Club Ltd.

Generally, this venue is a host to many Club functions, the Dance Hall as the name suggests was the area where Dance were performed for years. An open area yet enclosed from three sides, it is the perfect place for parties to accommodate at least 600 people and more in case of a moving crowd. This venue is popular for Dance, receptions and corporate dos.

Guest Room

The Bareilly Club's overnight Guest Rooms and Clubhouse facilities are available year round to Members, their sponsored guests, and members of affiliated clubs. Tucked away on the top two floors of our historic clubhouse are 18 Guest Rooms (including 5 suites)—while no two rooms are alike, each offers the same amenities and the comforts of home.

Palm House

A palm house is a greenhouse that is specialised for the growing of palms and other tropical and subtropical plants. Palm houses require constant heat and were built as status symbols in Victorian Britain.

At Bareilly Club Ltd. Palm house are present


"Obviously what better place to be with the family than the Family Lounge."

The library at Bareilly club boasts an eclectic collection of books. It is a sanctuary to escape the bustle where members can enjoy a wide variety of quality books and can borrow books of their choice. In addition national and international newspapers and magazines are also kept at the Club library.

IT centre is an extension of the club library. The club’s free wireless internet connection enables members to use their personal laptops. Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities are also available here.


Squash provides a thoroughly potentially and modern competitive, effective workout in a small time and space. This makes it ideal for urban lifestyles, of the kind that have generated increases in child obesity and other metabolic health issues.

Club has a well lit newly renovated wooden floored Squash Court which is actively used by the members. The availability of markers in the club, who also team up as players, enable members to enjoy the sports at all times. It's a healthy breeze of rejuvenation and just an ideal sport to unwind of a busy work schedule. Come, unplug from work at our professionally built squash court at Bareilly Club.


With the intention of providing world class badminton experience to its members the club has two badminton courts made after abiding by the rules and regulations of the game. Even you are a beginner or a dedicated professional layer; we have updated services for all.

Badminton is one of the fastest growing racket games in the world. It’s easy to learn and follow too. So if you want to stay fit and agile, grab your badminton rackets and hit the courts now.

The Badminton Court is housed in an independent building, which has wooden court flooring. The court can boast of a ceiling height of 65 feet with excellent lighting and a seating capacity of over 50 persons, which allures the players and the spectators alike. Various coaching camps are organised on a regular basis for different age groups under the aegis of Bengal Badminton Association, which are always oversubscribed.Not just any other racquet sport OR a game about shuffling the shuttle cock.


Two clay courts are put to optimum use by the members both in the morning as well as evening. It is pertinent to mention here that originally the club campus. Tennis is played at the highest point of the structure wherein you can feel energy in the air. It is definitely not an easy game but yes practice will definitely make you a champion. We urge you to come and pamper the sportsman in you in a never before experienced way of playing Tennis at our Tennis court.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of the fastest growing and one of the most popular sports in the world. At Bareilly Club, we have a section devoted to Table Tennis, so whether you are wanting just a casual hit, or for the more serious table tennis enthusiast the club has up-to-date modern facilities for you.

Regular tournaments of all levels and open sessions for amateur players are offered every now and then.

Sports & Games

Sports are really our forte and thus most of the facilities are immaculately maintained. Be it Squash (Glass back Courts), Badminton (Wooden Courts), Billiards/Pool Tables (imported in the late 19th centuary), Lawn Tennis (we also have Clay Courts) etc, every attempt has been made to meet the International Standards in all these disciplines. This gives immense satisfaction to the keen sports lover.

From a small little unkempt squash court, today we are proud to have a Sports Complex which houses two squash courts (both with glass back), two indoor badminton courts with wooden flooring, Darts arena and activities like Table Tennis, etc.